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See what bandOffice can do!

Customized Student Portal

Image With bandOffice, you and your students are always on the same page! Your easy sign-up link allows students to enter and update their own personal and contact information (no more relying on information that hasn't been updated since 2nd grade!) Students have instant access to their band accounts, which you can easily update at any time. Students can be sorted into customized groups to keep things organized, and taking attendance after school can be done with just the click of a button. Field trip forms and signature pages can be easily uploaded by students to their profiles, giving you instant access to important documents. Students can even update their uniform sizes to make things easier for your team of dedicated band moms. It's all just a click away.

Integrated Event Management

Image Special events and field trips are at the heart of your performance-based organization, and bandOffice has you covered! Creating an event does so much more than just putting it on your calendar. With the click of a button, you can schedule an event, specify important details, define available volunteer positions and post a sign-up roster. You'll never lose another kid with the Chaperone's Assistant: relax in your seat on Band Force One as your chaperones check students onto each bus and watch as bandOffice counts down each student on your roster until everyone is accounted for.

Database Organization

Power your band's efficiency with a variety of databases to get instantly organized. With the bandOffice Uniform Room, you can allow students to update their own measurements and t-shirt sizes, or delegate the job to adult volunteers. The Dot Tracker is a gamechanger for marching band practice, allowing you to see everyone's drill spot at a glance. No more wondering who T5 is! The Music Library lets you see everything without digging through the cabinets: you can search by difficulty grade, composer, arranger, or title, and keep notes on extra scores or missing parts. Use the Instrument Inventory to track all your equipment, pair up serial numbers with asset codes, and see what's checked out to whom.

Streamlined Communication

The communication features of bandOffice integrate with your own default e-mail client to make communication easier than ever. No more digging through spreadsheets or wasting time setting up Outlook server groups. Simply select the students you want to contact or get in touch with a whole group at once. Include parent contacts with the click of a button, or leave the kids out of the loop by reaching out to only parents. Just type in your return address and open up a pre-addressed e-mail ready to type and send!

Personalized Solutions

Image Every feature of bandOffice was designed and coded by a real, working band director to be used in an actual band program. Nothing is wasted. Every page exists because it's actually useful. And with active customer support, you can even be a part of the solution, making bandOffice work for your program's unique needs. bandOffice is by a band director, for band directors. We've got you covered. You can go teach your band.